Ad Hoc HR Support

At HR-People First Consultancy we understand that you may not need full time HR support or to be tied up with a contract. If all you need is occasional advice or assistance, we are here to provide that. Simply get in touch and let us know what concerns you are looking to be helped with and we will find the right solution for you.

Retained HR Services

Our retained HR services offer you all the advantages of having your own HR department but at much lower cost. It is designed to support your HR needs as they arise. This service is fully tailored to the individual needs of the Client and charged monthly for the previously agreed number of hours. Prices are based on the level of support you require and the size of your organisation.

HR Projects

HR projects are perfect for when you need that extra help with an area of HR you are not comfortable handling in-house, but you do not want to fully outsource your HR process. Maybe you need help with Recruitment or just want to have someone to do your HR Health check. Our dedicated HR Consultants will provide you with support for the duration of your project from its start to finish. Fees are flexible and are based on the complexity of your specific requirements.